Самбурская на диете: «Все время хочу жрать»

Nastasia admitted that he threw all the sweets out of the fridge so as not to tempt myself.

Spring came, and many women took up the head: soon beach season will begin! It’s time to round cakes and pancakes, naidennye over the winter. It seems that Nastasya Samburski has decided to actively prepare for the summer.

“When asked to stop doing in the hall, and called a man accused of lost femininity, I want to strangle them, to be honest. Make me not to go, girlpic”, recently answered Samburski detractors, who labeled the male figure.

But, like any woman, Nastasia have addictions that prevent her to lose weight. So, the star has told her fans that because of the eternal desire to eat weight goes not as fast as we would like.

“Well, that’s what it takes to build a beautiful body? Works great. Only regular strength training and a great love for food and increased fat mass – be sure to add cardio.

Nobody will see your lovely results if they will hide under a layer of fat. The most difficult is not to eat. I understand you perfectly, I too hard, and I constantly want GREAAAT! You need to hold. Throw all the excess out of the fridge, say home, you were not allowed to him at all.

You should eat properly. A sufficient amount of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates in the morning. At least a month – and you will see the first results! Most likely, they will greatly please you, and you will not want to stop. About the “afraid to siphon”. It’s funny, at least a month of their lives dedicate to the sport, try to understand the processes, learn what is protein and BCAA’s, make sure they do not happen from a nervous breakdown, even if you have tons to stuff will be. Just in this there is no need. To the pump and with their help it is impossible… Love yourself and your body! The first day of drying hard,” he shared his problem Nastasia.

Indeed, most women face the problem at the beginning of the diet: incorrectly chosen nutrition. Scientists have proved that every third woman in the world life dieting: first, she stops eating, the weight goes away, and the man breaks down. And then all over again.

And you began to prepare for the beach season?

  • Yes, of course! Village on a diet and a daily train
  • Slowly begin to refuse the sweets and do exercises
  • I’ve spent my whole life dieting!
  • Why should I prepare? My body is perfect all year

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