Scientists have proved that smartphones can enter into depression

Ученые доказали, что смартфоны могут ввести в депрессию

And found that the condition of the teeth depends on… social status of their owner!

Seems it was worth the unforgettable Moidodyr so glorified tooth powder. What you need to brush your teeth, inculcated in childhood and resemble daily in advertising regular toothpaste or mouthwash. However, for some reason manufacturers of hygiene products does not mention that the state of our jaw is directly related to social status. This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Newcastle and University College London.

Scientists examined the state of oral cavity in 6 thousand people aged 21 years. As Guinea pigs were made by the representatives of all strata of the population of Britain – from the wealthy aristocrats to the marginals and lumpens. Studies have shown that people with low incomes often have dental caries and dental calculus, used to have the canines and incisors.

Scientists explain this by the fact that the poor are much less monitor the state of a smile than financial secured. So the conclusions! Can’t imagine how much work had to be done to come to such a complex conclusion. I hope in his next study, the researchers will explain to the world why homeless people smell worse than the Queen of England.

Do not lag behind the European colleagues, scientists from South Korea. Asian luminaries of science found that the mood of the adult in the course of the working day depends on how he spent the lunch break: with or without smartphone.

Monitor 450 simple Korean office workers showed that by the end of the day the users of the gadgets felt much worse than people who just ate and chatted with colleagues, and not hang out in social networks. The gadget fans complained of fatigue, apathy, pain in the neck and eyes. From someone who has spent a break for conversation, complaints of pain in the tongue were reported.

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