Sadalsky has accused the city of greed

Садальский обвинил Градского в жадности The actor recalled an experience which he became. In Soviet times, Sadalsky was often a guest at Anastasia Vertinskaya and often watched her family lives. According to Stanislav, he understood the woman when she decided to divorce with Alexander Gradsky.

      Stanislav Sadalsky often says in his blog details the lives of many celebrities. As an actor great talks with many representatives of the Russian film industry, he often reveals a very controversial facts about people. In one of the last stories Sadalsky explained why Anastasiya Vertinskaya and Aleksandr Gradsky divorced.

      As admitted Sadalsky, he often visited the house Vertinskaya, as she fed him a delicious lunch. At that time, the actress was already divorced with Nikita Mikhalkov, whom she grew up the son of Stephen, and had re-married to Alexander Gradsky.

      “I became the witness of such scene. Small Stepa Mikhalkov molested the mother and begged money for the movie. Nastya anything, he never refused his son, but at the time of the money she had: “Son, be patient for two days.” The then-husband of Anastasia, the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, “carded” at the time, ten shows a day, decided to participate in the education of the stepson: “Steve, as you hand over the jar of mayonnaise and get as much as 2 rubles 73 kopeks”. Three hours later, frustrated Stepan came back with a bag of rotten apples. Said: “the Saleswoman did not give money, said money spoil children. And gave the apples.” More Alexander Gradsky I have Vertinskaya not seen in the role of husband he lasted one month,” – said Stanislav.

      In this story, the artiste hinted that the town was too greedy when I lived with Vertinskaya. Anastasia herself has repeatedly said in interviews that the Alliance with Alexander not even considers a normal marriage, as between them there was a special love.

      “Once I reminded Nastia this case. “And you wonder why I’m alone!” – laughed Nastya” – continued Sadalsky in his post.

      Talking to reporters, Vertinskaya usually noted that her life with men did not work due to her nature, besides, she loved the complete freedom. The most important of his knights, she called the only Mikhalkov and Oleg Efremov, whom she never married.

      This kind of history Sadalsky congratulated the Russian actress happy birthday. Anastasia Alexandrovna today marks 72 years.