Александра Стриженова о подарке бойфренда: «Ты исполняешь мои мечты» The heiress actors celebrates a sixteenth birthday. A feast for Sasha began exactly at midnight. The girl came to congratulate her family and friends. The girl was very surprised as didn’t expect so much attention from family to her.

      Александра Стриженова о подарке бойфренда: «Ты исполняешь мои мечты»

      The successor of the famous artists Alexander Strizhenova today marks the sixteenth birthday. The girl began to accept congratulations. Friends have prepared for her a real surprise. Sasha spoke about how surprised her friends and the young man, in his microblog. According to the daughter Stroganovyh, she was going to go to sleep, but the door bell rang.

      “Friends. Tears of happiness. I am grateful to God that in my life there are such people. I’m thankful that she introduced me to each of you. This is the best start to the holiday! This in my life never happened! It is very difficult to describe all my emotions in words! To open the door of his house at 12 o’clock in the morning and see the native people shouting congratulations, holding a huge poster, which gives me an incredible emotion,” – shared emotions Sasha.

      As admitted popular social networking girl, she didn’t expect she will give such a surprise. However, the best gift for Strizhenovoj was a present from her boyfriend, Anton Cukurova. Boyfriend gave Sasha a small rabbit.

      “Thanks to you our family will now be a little fluffy happiness. You make my dreams seem to be my “Instagram” will now become a permanent pictures of our pet rabbit. Friendship and love are not just words, that which lives within us, warming our hearts every day! I am once again convinced that in my life there and then, and more!” – admired Strizhenova.

      Sasha was photographed with Anton and the little rabbit. The animals loved the Internet users. The birthday girl called this gift the best. Some time ago, the subscribers of Strizhenovoj worried that she was having relationship problems with a guy because she didn’t have to share joint photos. However, she wrote to followers: “Calm down.” Proof of a romantic idyll began the frame with a walk with Anton.

      The couple meets for a long time, and the young man even knew the girl’s parents. However, Sasha and Anton are too small for a family. However, together they go to rest, go to the gym and spend all their free time with each other.