Николай Басков нечаянно отработал корпоратив бесплатно

A comical incident that happened with a “natural blond”, we have described an experienced promoter.

New year decade for the stars of show business – time bread. These are wonderful days that you have to work hard to live comfortably remaining 11.5 months. Few of the performers refuses to corporate parties, the fees charged at this time through the roof.

The artist can get a 40-minute speech on average 35-50 thousand euros. A Golden time for the celebrity in every sense!

Nikolay Baskov in the star of domestic show business are so popular with fans that a lot of suggestions for new year’s eve is the artist there which year. According to the organizers of new year corporate parties, the “Golden voice of Russia” – the most popular stars in “sanctuaries”. No wonder his name is “man-holiday”. Nicholas snapped. But what with him once, there was a story.

Nikolai was running late from an office party for a company party, went to the “Metropol”, – says the Director of the concert Department of the company “Kreml concert”, a promoter with 20 years of experience, Sergei Lavrov. — Call it the Director: “Where’s nick? We can’t wait any longer! The main customer in an hour have to go to the airport. After us I’m not interesting.” In the end, Basques have somehow managed, well-dressed ran into the room (when the artist’s three performances a day, he no longer dresses up, goes to the concert costume. — Approx. ed.) snatched the lead microphone and quickly started to drive with the guests dances. The engineer ran to the console, put the disc, all played, sang… after a while the organizer calls and says that nick has come to the wrong place. Hall confused! The corporate was on the floor above. Poor Basque went in there, mad as a dog. Let’s work there’s a second “reserve”. Worked, went down in the first room. Sitting there, startled the people of the Basque entertained instead of Santa Claus. It turned out that there was going to take care, but was expensive. And then wow what a gift – he came to us, and even for free!

Yourself “natural blonde” recalls the story with his usual irony. By the way, to order Baskov in Moscow for 100 thousand euros (approximately 6.2 million). Nicholas for this fee and sings, and conducts competitions. So the gift in the face Baskov – Santa Claus came out luxurious.