Ryan Reynolds suffered a nervous breakdown

Райан Рейнольдс пережил нервный срыв

The shooting of the film “Deadpool” — the brainchild of Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds – was very nervous for him. In a recent interview, the actor and producer admitted that he “had a nervous breakdown” due to filming audience favorite sci-Fi Thriller.

Райан Рейнольдс пережил нервный срыв
The first part of the tape was released in February of this year. I. despite age restrictions, has collected $ 780 million in worldwide box office. This success was the main reason for the decision of Reynolds making a sequel to “Deadpool”. Despite the departure of the project Director, is filming a new part will start in early next year.
In an interview with GQ, Ryan said that the idea to make this film he had been nurturing for over a decade, and even got health problems because of the increased attention to it.

“I felt like a boat in the middle of the ocean during a storm, which never abated. When it was over, I had a nervous breakdown. I was literally shaking. I went to the doctors because began to suspect yourself of some mental illness, but each of them assured me that it’s just anxiety. Now I say this with a smile,” — said the actor.
Reynolds admitted that it kind of scarred up on the screen made them with Blake lively two-year-old daughter, James burst into tears.
“She heard my voice, but I saw this guy fried like bacon. Child is difficult to understand all this,” explained the actor.