Meghan Markle’s planning a future with Prince Harry

Меган Маркл планирует будущее с принцем Гарри

It is unknown how the heir to the British throne Prince Harry sees his future with his beloved actress Meghan Markle, but the girl in their pink dreams already sees himself as if not the wife of the most famous ginger in the world, then the bride.

Insiders close to the 35-year-old actress, saying that she is “in seventh heaven” with his British lover.
“She’s doing all she can to make their relationship continued and was ready for any sacrifice for the sake of their love. Megan is a real fairy tale in reality” — said the insider.
After the whole world learned about a new passion 32-year-old Prince, she tries to do everything in her power to attract the minimum of attention.
“She has become more secretive, doesn’t trust even friends. Their accounts in social networks it is very filter, and if need be close them completely for the sake of their relationship with Harry – she’ll do it without a doubt. She wants a serious relationship with the Prince, and if you’re lucky, she will become his wife,” say insiders.