“The simpsons” commented on your predictions about the victory of trump

«Симпсоны» прокомментировали свои сбывшиеся предсказания о победе Трампа

After winning the presidential elections in the United States of America representative from the Republican party, Donald trump, “the Simpsons” almost call prophetic. In one of the old episodes, the writers of popular kultproekt foresaw the victory of the billionaire and the detail showed the moment of victory a Republican.

Each new episode of “the Simpsons” starts with Bart many times writes the same phrase. “Being right sucks” writes Bart this time. So in the latest episode of Fox reacted on fulfilled fantasy writers.
As a joke now in the US, will have to wait until Lisa Simpson (one of the smartest characters of the animated series) will become President. In the 2000 episode called “Bart to the future” Bart Simpson became a musician-loser, and his good-sister, “the first woman President).

Earlier in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter writer Dan Greene said that running for trump should be a warning for America.
“Lisa took the place of the President when America was in deep crisis. Then things got really bad and because we explained that the presidency trump. It seemed a logical explanation of the impact of America on the bottom, explaining the madness of its inhabitants,” said Dan.
Recall that even now, a week after the approval of trump as President in the United States of America continue to hold pickets and rallies against his appointment.