Dakota admitted that because of the “Factory” wanted to take drugs

Дакота призналась, что из-за «Фабрики» хотела начать принимать наркотики

One of the most prominent member of the seventh “star Factory” Margarita Gerasimovich, better known under the alias Dakota, upon completion of the project was irrelevant. The girl was unable to take advantage of that chance which fell to her by fate and stepped aside. All this time Dakota never left music, Rita wrote songs for many famous artists.

Recently the singer decided to remind themselves and released a video for the song “half a person”.

Videos occurred in the Network and appeared on the leading positions in the rankings. The Rita recognizes that such success could not be, if after the “Factory” she succumbed to the temptation that was around her: “After the “Factory” one and a half years we toured. I can say that it was the most hellish year and a half of my life, for them I have not written a single line. I have wanted to try some drugs, to chip in from the second floor, break his leg and suffer. I really didn’t get anything to squeeze out of himself. In the “Factory” there were moments when I was told that I’m a bad author, I do not sing very well at all and I’m a nobody”.