Rustam Solntsev husband Shurygino: “know that the wife restores her virginity?»

Рустам Солнцев мужу Шурыгиной: «В курсе, что жена восстанавливает девственность?» The showman turned to his wife Diana. In his opinion, Andrew Slagen have to refute the strange news that Shurygina’s going to do hymenoplasty.

The hype around the young ladies from Ulyanovsk who live stated that she was raped by her countryman Sergey Semenov, does not subside. The name Diana Shurygina is constantly the center of attention of the public and the press. Supporters and relatives of Diana, and the friends of Sergei continue the information war in the studios of the talk show. Some say about promiscuity, girls, and even about what she allegedly was engaged in prostitution, others of unfairly soft punishment for the rapist. Appear all new and new details of the party, appear all new and new witnesses who are ready to defend Sergei, to restore his reputation. In an episode of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, when the Studio faced father of Diana and Semenov, showed a small plot from which it follows: Diana is thinking about hymenoplasty operation to restore virginity.

Sergey Semenov organized a meeting with the father of Diana Shurygina

This news has stirred up a new wave of interest in Shurygino. Showman Rustam Solntsev could not pass and spoke about this situation in my column “Mamadorogaya”, which is specifically for “StarHit”. He appealed not to the Diane and her husband Andrew. Recall that in the autumn of last year Diana married Andrew operator Slavina.

“You know, any news is wonderful from start to end, began his address by Rustam. – So one of them says: what an extraordinary, beautiful bitch Diana Shurygina going on one of the talk-shock to regain what she never had… No, not brains, and virginity! Well, to her I have no questions. But her husband is there. Nice guy, on television, protects it. Well, now directly protects next to her always. Like, yourself… You all, are like this?!»

Despite the fact that the plot could see Diana talking with the surgeon hesitantly, – but still she claims that, in principle, ready for such an operation. Showman Solntsev perplexed. He does not believe that such news could be true and in his address asked the wife Shurygino why he’s not giving the rebuttal?

“Even if it’s untrue, why not deny? Do not say that it is a lie journalists? Or you along with all paraise? Yes, guys, this is my Diana, and another beer for everyone! Is this happening? Guys, I love you with all my heart, embraced!»