Alexander Zhigalkin: “the Son took from wife the best»

Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее» In early February, the Director of the popular projects of “Daddy’s girls”, “Six frames”, “Voronin”, which enjoyed great success on the channel STS, celebrated the anniversary. After having passed the milestone of 50 years, Zhigalkin, said “StarHit” about the success of children, the main rule of life and plans for the future.
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»

“For me the best rest is change of activity, so a lot of work. Can’t sit in one place, immediately begin to fade,” says Alexander Zhigalkin. In television projects, he is not only a Director but also as actor, periodically appears in the frame. Despite the number of cases, his main priority in life is family. The man was married three times. As a student of the 3rd course of the Shchukin school, tied the knot with actress Daria Poverennova, who was a student two years behind. The couple had a daughter Pauline. Now the girl of 25 years. She graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University and working in a large PR Agency.

Second wife of Alexander became producer Catherine Igolkina, gave him a daughter, Anastasia. Anastasia 16 years old girl studying in 9th class of Lyceum capital. However, really happy Zhigalkin, could become only the third attempt, married to actress Svetlana Antonova. The couple has three children – 13-year-old Maria (daughter Svetlana from his first marriage with actor Oleg Dolinin. – Ed.), 5-year-old Taisiya and 2-year-old Arseniy…

Alexander, congratulations from the heart! As noted by the occasion?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»Thank you very much! Celebrated the anniversary modestly, as always, with his close friends and relatives. Gathered a small company of 150 people in the Central house of actor, I sat down and talked.—
“Modest, as always?”Is never mentioned, so to speak, in a big way?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»It was the case… Men don’t usually celebrate 40 years, but I’m not superstitious. Collected 13 of his closest friends and a purely male company, we were poisoned in a restaurant. Evening in the style of “Thirteen friends of Oushena” was interesting.
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»
50 years is a long time. If it were possible to turn back time and relive your life, would you change anything in it?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»All I have at the moment, I’m happy. But of course there are things I wouldn’t do – for example, not made a few mistakes of a personal nature. If to speak about the profession, here wouldn’t change anything – just did the same. I get great pleasure from what you do. And the people working with me in one team happy. Well, maybe a bit adjusted approach to certain nuances.—
What is the main rule of life you learned?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»Probably, the first rule is not to change himself. People need to honestly relate to their own inner attitudes and principles. But beneath all to adapt, to go on about them. In this scenario, you are waiting for a disappointment. And the second – learned and was convinced that in all situations save the humor. Longer need to smile and have a sense of self-irony. Then everything will be fine and nobody will go mad.

Share plans for the future?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»As they say, every real man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. All of these items I have done. Built a beautiful house in the countryside, far from Moscow, where we go in the summer. Thanks to ecologically clean the air the children feel great in those parts. Tree, and one, by the way, planted on the same plot. Raise of the son – Arseny will soon be two years, it’s a beautiful child. As for creative ideas, I will continue to work on current projects. Plus – there is a new one that is under negotiation.—
You have four children, what they please, dad?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»I believe that children I have five, because she is the same my daughter like any other. It is not in consanguinity, but in respect and responsibility. And please all of them. At least one fact of its existence in this world. My eldest child is 25, youngest is almost two. Because of this separation, I feel a strong difference between them. They are all of my beautiful and brilliant. Among the children friends. Periodically we all get together to have fun. Recently skated. Besides Arseniy he is not with us on the ice, but the skates he already has. Taisia five years. She goes to pre-school, where he is engaged in gymnastics, acrobatics, dance. Two years later, will become first-graders. 16-year-old Anastasia is studying in 9 th class of the Lyceum. Study easy, the diary is only a good estimate, so call it “smart rabbit”. Not so long ago, she graduated from music school. Nastya serious and responsible girl, but with the future profession is not yet decided. I began to hear the echoes that she wants to try himself in the acting field. The eldest, 25-year-old Pauline, works for a large PR Agency and is small , but the boss. Judging by how enthusiastically she talks about his Affairs, concludes – she absolutely loves it. I’m sure the daughter will make a good career. Polina’s a fine young man, Oleg, with which they long. Last spring, he made her an offer of marriage. Summer needs to get married.
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»
Alexander, the face of Arseniy you Svetlana does not show that you could tell who he looks more like?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»From each of us he took only the best. So the son is similar to both parents.—
You adore your spouse. What is your secret to a good marriage?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»In love and children. Each time with a new man team called “Family” is getting stronger and friendlier. We always try to get to the root of the problem to understand root cause and resolve. Despite the different common woes faced by everyone in our relations quite a lot of humor. It is also important to remember not to assert themselves at the expense of the second half. It is not necessary to change, to bend a man to yourself, you need to accept him the way he is. Recently formulated for himself: the things that initially annoyed, surprised, aroused the question: “How is that possible? I do not!”now fascinate me in the Light. Realized that it was because of these qualities, my wife and unique. She I so chose, and she chose me. It’s great! Regardless of what happens around us, we must walk together hand in hand.
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»
Family, TV projects, a lot of other things – learned how to properly dispose of the time to catch it?
Александр Жигалкин: «Сын взял от нас с женой самое лучшее»When a whole lot, and I want to have a lot of work to do, Willy nilly, clearly make up your schedule. I have it really tight, every minute trying to make use of, performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Whatever the workload may be, always should be enough time for family. Children must see dad and chat with him, and the wife must see her husband. Proper planning is a skill developed over the years. Love for quality completion of multiple tasks simultaneously lives in me since my student years. For me it is a kind of sport. Can organize a skit, think about the little things, the subtleties that are required for the filming of a project, to analyze important papers are. When I am at rest, on vacation, for example, feel uncomfortable.—
Before our conversation I tried to find you on social networks. Fail. You do not use them?
I was, like, everywhere, but enthusiasm for social networking don’t have. So on Instagram I sluggish exist, and Facebook my page is a group of fans who, as it turned out, I have, for which they thank you. And Facebook you can’t find me, because I read the news and watch days of birth: in connection with the “old” age of head will not keep. Kidding, of course I remember all the important dates of loved ones. In the power of conservative views believe that the book is invaluable. And lively conversation with friends, and better than by phone, and tete-a-tete.