Pregnancy test: Svetlana Ivanova again will become a mother

Тест на беременность: Светлана Иванова снова станет мамой In recent months, the 32-year-old actress not appearing at social events, film premieres. Svetlana takes the stage of the theater “Contemporary” suspended filming of the series “pregnancy Test 2”, where she plays the main role. The fact that Ivanov will soon become a mother for the second time.
Тест на беременность: Светлана Иванова снова станет мамой

After finishing work in the film “Provocateur,” Svetlana maximally reduced load. Dad future child of the actress is her husband of 56-year-old Director dzhanik Fayziev.

“Most likely, to give birth to Light it will be in Israel, told the “StarHit” friends of the couple. – Where the best of doctors at the highest level. But the main reason she wants to keep secret it is a joyful event, it decided to fly away from prying eyes.”

Тест на беременность: Светлана Иванова снова станет мамой“Now Janik and Light are prepared, quietly looking out the furniture for the nursery, vests and other pleasant things. By the way, the sex of the baby the couple keeps a closely guarded secret, even from loved ones,” added Ivanova’s friends and Fayzieva.

In mid-January, actress, check, was flying to tel Aviv for a friend’s birthday, and from there went to Jerusalem. May have visited the clinic, where she plans to give birth in a few months.

Svetlana and Janik have been together for more than five years. Long time couple hid the relationship because the Director was busy, married to another actress Lina Aspli. From this marriage there Fayzieva has a son and a daughter. And, by the way, there is still no evidence that the couple officially divorced.

Also Janik is alleged to be the father of the first child Ivanova – daughter Pauline was born in 2012.