The heroine of the company against the Weinstein turned to the defendant

Героиня компании против Вайнштейна превратилась в обвиняемую
Rose McGowan was not willing to admit guilt in the death of his Manager.

Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan, who until this week was considered in Hollywood home
the heroine, began to untwist the history of sexual harassment
Weinstein and others like him, have suddenly found themselves in an unusual role.
44-year-old actress has had time to get used to universal admiration, suddenly became the object of
harsh criticism.

The reason for this sudden change was the tragic death of former
Manager of the actress — Jill Messick, voluntarily departed from life. After
the death of Jill, her family issued a statement which put the blame for rose’s death Messick. Case
that in his recently published memoirs, McGowan, among its
the revelations found a place to blame Jill, who was
the Manager of the actress at that time when it was under attack, everyone that Messick allegedly did nothing,
to protect rose from Harvey. And subsequently kept silent about this story.
In short, McGowan indirectly accused Jill of aiding the action
Weinstein. According to the relatives Messick, that very painfully reacted to
the charges rose. Jill had suffered from depression and attacks her with
the parties McGowan were the last straw that forced her to accept the tragic

Not only that, rose, how do you think the family members of the deceased, slandered Messick,
has always done everything to help McGowan, the actress did not even react
at first, the news and the death of Jill, which she once supported
almost friendly relations. Rose continued enthusiastically to publish their
photo, glorifying her as the heroine of the company against the Weinstein… And now netizens literally “boil»
with indignation. They accuse rose of selfishness, callousness and ingratitude.