Rustam Solntsev called Yegor Holavina a liar and a turd Burger

Рустам Солнцев назвал Егора Холявина лжецом и котлеткой The entertainer made fun of the victim of plastic surgery. The star of “House-2” has shared his thoughts about the claims colleagues. Earlier Yegor Halavin stated that it contains an American company that wants to make it a “Russian Ken”.

Everyone in show business has long known, that the language of the legendary former member of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev better not to fall – the showman and the wit has a great sense of humor and ability to give details. In his “Instagrame” Solntsev than once allowed themselves to make statements on the verge of a foul, which became the cause of his quarrels with the colleagues. But Rustam is not going to stop and specifically to “hack the truth” decided to create in his blog column “Mamadorogaya” in which to Express their opinions about the characters of the Russian Beau Monde.

First, Rustam decided to expose the former participant “Houses-2” Yegor Holavina, who recently became famous for his love of plastic surgery. The young man aimed to become the “Russian Ken” and has already experienced five of the thirteen planned operations, to achieve similarity with the puppet master. Rustam does not understand such passions of Yegor plasticity and believes his assurances that the surgery pays his production company, delirium.

“The fool is clear that the plastic he was doing for advertising, says the sun. – And the fact that he gives money to live on – food, rent, payment of the driver – as in is it possible to believe? Who might be looking to Yegor was like Ken? He himself was the mastermind…”

Specifically for your headings Solntsev has produced a video outlining the following: “Devestatingly Ken – this is something new. This carbohydrate bar of the district, who knows everything by heart Allegrova, undertook tirelessly to shred himself with hands of surgeons, adjusting their appearance under the standards of the American dolls, but it does it’s not very…

Removing lumps Bichat, cutting nosource and just suck from his fat with pusca, Egorik posing with the face of a poor cousin to rich’s Wake – like, as I, do not you hot? Answer: Yegorushka something…

Yes, you have mastered photoshop and erotically sucking in my cheeks in the photo – type is slim, but Ken is still something else. Maybe in the hall like? Will possessa swings… And believe me, complex that you need all mutilated, will evaporate. And yet you Shine only invitations to events such as “Beauty Zhulebino 97″… And a little tip from me: you’d look great in gold leggings! Love you, Patty!”