Natasha Koroleva arranged hot dance on the table

Наташа Королева устроила горячие танцы на столе The singer lit on the birthday of a friend in Karlovy vary. Queen Natasha confessed that it was her whim, which is supported by the birthday girl. The star sang one of his hits, to the applause of the party guests.

Popular singer Natasha Queen again proved that she is a woman daring, despising any stereotypes and conventions and is absolutely not afraid to break someone invented rules.

Star before it became a party to the noisy holiday party, which was held in one of the restaurants on the famous Czech resort Karlovy vary. In celebration Natasha Queen invited her friend Juliana whose son recently baptized singer. Natasha Koroleva became a mother

Apparently, the celebration celebrity feel great and at some point decided to show off. With the permission of the guest of honor Natasha Koroleva took off his shoes and climbed on the table, behind which sat the guests, and sang one of his hits “Every woman wants”. The star danced, strolled on the table. For the performance of the singer all devices were shifted, while armed with phones to capture memorable dance and catwalk Queen.

“When the company is great, and the hero of the festivities allows guests every whim, how can you resist not to sing right on the table! Julia, once again happy birthday! It was not forgotten!” signed Natasha Koroleva video your number to the table in the microblog.

By the way, not all fans of the singer praised her fearlessness and sense of humor. Under the video of the singer’s hits were left a lot of unflattering reviews. However, Natasha Koroleva has removed all the reviews regarding her extraordinary act, and laudatory and critical. Singer rightly believes that she has the right to decide how to behave. Moreover, judging by the video, the birthday girl and her guests from a speech by the Queen on the table was delighted.

We note that Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko love to show off. In their microblogs they periodically publish funny pictures and videos that make them lovers of witty vandalism.

On Valentine’s Day, for example, a pair of excited its subscribers erotic dance. At twilight, Natasha, dressed in a t-shirt and sports pants, squirming close to your loved one. The dancer moves his hips in time to the music. To show the figure in all its glory, Glushko cast off all things and remains in sexy panties. During the dance the Queen playfully slapped the wife and turned to filming the man piquant part of the body. Fans were in awe of this, congratulations to the artists.