Elena Malysheva wants to marry the younger son

Елена Малышева мечтает женить младшего сына The presenter told us what should be her daughter-in-law. Elena Malysheva looking forward to when Vasily will present the parents of his future wife. Chief Phil stated, it welcomes this “sweet girl”.
Елена Малышева мечтает женить младшего сына

This year marks twenty years since Elena Malysheva has been the leading program “Health” and seven of the program “Live healthy!”. Most quoted in the country of teledoctor friendly and strong family, which often Malysheva says in their projects, and not only in them. As we all know, Elena Vasilyevna was a wonderful husband and two adult sons, 29-year-old George and 26-year-old Vasily.

The eldest heir to the presenter a few years ago, started a family, he has a beautiful wife Karina and two year old son, Igor, named after his grandfather, the couple of Elena Malysheva.

Star happy for the eldest son. And now the dreams of their only quickly met and her younger heir Vasily Malyshev. In this Elena admitted during transfer “While all houses”, which on Sunday had visited her family. Like any mother, the host of “Live healthy!” wants to see next to his son a decent kind of girl who would make him a good wife, and her sister-in-law.

“Our eyes are now sent to Bob, and we await the day when there will be some nice girl. And we welcome in advance”, – said Elena Malysheva.

By the way, Basil is the only member of the family of the presenter, who decided not to practice medicine. The young man admitted that parents only recently become accustomed to the idea that their youngest heir will not be a doctor. “Even when I was on the third or fourth year of University, my mom told me that it’s not too late to change your mind and enroll in health, told the younger son of Elena Malysheva. – And now, I think she’ll be happy if I tell her that I decided to quit and go to medical school, become a surgeon.”

Basil received his law degree, is now engaged in the development of their own business. Together with colleagues, he creates software – from mobile apps to virtual reality. The plans of a young man developing a special program that will help doctors to put a more correct and precise diagnoses to patients.

By the way, Elena Malysheva saved her youngest son from a serious illness when he was a baby. One day Bob was crying a lot, and my mother-the doctor quickly realized that it’s not just whims. She put her son’s diagnosis of volvulus and urgently took him to the hospital where a little boy was urgently operated on. Elena Malysheva saved his son from sickness