Valeria Gai Germanicus was another daughter

У Валерии Гай Германики нашлась еще одна дочка
The Director shared “sensational” news of his life.

Yulia Volkova’s son Samir, Octavia’s mom Valery guy Valeriya and Victoria (daughter of Julia Volkova)

Photo: @germanicaislove_official Instagram Valeria Gai Germanicus

Valeria Gai Germanicus and Julia Volkova was found the other day on one social event and was surprised by a curious circumstance. As it turned out, the daughter of a singer — 12-year-old Victoria has an amazing resemblance to the Director. The girl is so similar to Valeria, that she even doubted whether she really is her mom.

“Sensation! Yulia Volkova’s daughter from Gai Germanicus!! How else to explain that she’s my copy?” — wrote Valeria. Julia herself was in shock from what happened in the meeting and the ensuing discussion, the appearance of her daughter. “How so? Who is the mother?” — outraged Volkov.

Star fans shared a surprised Valerie, and Julia. “And I have several years of scratching their heads and trying to figure out who reminds me of Vika!”, “I just recently saw the daughter of Julia and marveled at how much she looks like Valeria Gai Germanicus was…, Julia and Valeria have a girlfriend. This is the same!”, “How can this be? As mother and daughter…”, “This rubric children were switched at birth!” write subscribers Volkova.