Rustam Solntsev about the claim of Marina Mexico: “the judge laugh together”

Рустам Солнцев об иске Марины Мексики: «С судьей вместе посмеемся» The showman encouraged the girl not to be offended. Marina wrote a letter to the authorities due to the fact that he was allegedly told to journalists about how she earns a living. According to Solntsev, the model will not be able to recover money from him.

Recently it became known that eks-the participant “Houses-2” Marina Mexico filed a lawsuit against the entertainer Rustam Solntsev. 21-year-old brunette asked the lawyers to recover from the men of five million rubles for defamation and insults. According to the model, Solntsev repeatedly dared to publicly call her a woman of easy virtue who are ready to provide sexual services for money. Mexico hopes that the judge will punish the offender.

Rustam, however, his words do not intend to. He believes that Mexico should not be offended by it, and even more ashamed. “Marina, why the truth offends? – says “StarHit” Solntsev. – To project a good half of the people has long been an escort does. Someone is trading his front, some rear. But all have one purpose – to sell yourself as expensive as possible. I have more than a month calling reporters. Please give a comment.

Mexico is nothing to hesitate here. Already sex-service on the project is no surprise. All viewers know about the dark deeds of the heroes of the show. In General, don’t understand what Marina is going on in your head. And what she achieves by this court? Centerfolds all underdeveloped. Behave like children. But give Mexico credit. In the pictures she’s a model of the world level. I’d kiss her everywhere”.

Despite the fact that the girl was determined, he doesn’t hold her grudges. Solntsev ironically took the news that the Marina offered a lot of money those who want to spend the night with her. The star of “House-2” Mexico was suspected of providing sexual services for money

“I think it’s her right to sell herself on the normal price. It is not dominguet more! I hope the Marina buys not only food, but also a plush toy! And to deal with it is to spend the nerves themselves. If you see her, will say: “You’re a beautiful girl! It’s your life, do with it what you want. Now, you have the right to prove that I’m lying”. But I myself to explain anything to anyone I will not. Let him award the penalty and, I think, it will cost me 1000. Even the judge laugh together, they say, would five million be selected, and will receive a pittance!”.

Even Rustam would be the first to accept reconciliation with Mexico. “I will be a bottle of children’s champagne, a trip on a motorcycle on the garden ring, a couple of chocolates and eternal devotion to her! I’m the kind of person that is filled with all people only with love. Let them talk about me all you want, serve all magistrates ‘ courts, will still all adore!” said Solntsev.