Difficult path Gosha Kutsenko to happiness: a breakup with a beloved, alcoholism and the death of their parents

Непростой путь Гоши Куценко к счастью: разрыв с любимой, алкоголизм и смерть родителей “StarHit” I remembered what went through the actor. Recently, one of the most demanded actors of the Russian cinema celebrated its 50th anniversary. Gosha Kutsenko admits that he feels much older: too many trials fell to his share.

50-year-old Gosha Kutsenko is now not only one of the most highly paid artists of Russia, but also the happy husband of actress Irina, Skrinichenko, as well as a loving and caring father to daughter, Zhenya, soon to be three years.

Some people may seem that Kutsenko – the minion of fortune. However, it is not so. Fortune rarely smiled. And his family happiness, he may call and the sufferings of the conquered.

His life had everything: serious problems with alcohol, separation from the woman he loved, Maria Poroshina, which he regrets so far, and the untimely deaths of their parents.

With the beautiful Maria Poroshina Kutsenko met when the girl was barely seventeen years old. After some time the lovers began to live together, and in February 1996 was born their daughter, Pauline. This is the name coined for the girls father. However, family happiness Kutsenko and Poroshina was very short. Gosha Kutsenko said the reasons for the divorce with Maria Poroshina

“I took her to the registry office, it’s some kind of inferiority complex, I guess I was always too afraid, explains Gosha Kutsenko, why didn’t he marry the mother of his first daughter. We were young, and it was not. I had to go to the registry office. Maybe things would have been different.”

According to Kutsenko, their relationship has ruined the temptation. Then, in the second half of the 90-ies, it has gained popularity. Along with Leroy Kudryavtseva and Otar Kushanashvili Gosha Kutsenko led the transfer of “Party zone”. Groupies, fun life, parties – all this contributed to the strengthening of a young family. Gosha Kutsenko confessed to the infidelity of Maria Poroshina

“Our separation was due to the time, mid 90’s, I couldn’t help myself. We have all fallen victim to temptations. The Soviet Union collapsed, not what I”, – frankly said Kutsenko in a recent program “Alone with all”. The actor has repeatedly made clear that regret breaking up with Maria Poroshina. In an interview, he calls the former civil wife Mamie, admires her talent, beauty, and the fact that it has become a large mum.

By the way, in the beginning of the relationship Gosha Kutsenko with Poroshina, his parents adopted the girl. They believed that his side should not be an actress, but an ordinary woman who will take care of it. Due to conflicts with mother and father Kutsenko was even forced to leave home. But over time, the relationship between parents and son is normal.

Unfortunately, parents goshi for several years no longer alive. They went in the same year, one after another, and the actor is still not made peace with this terrible loss. Mom artist Svetlana was a glioblastoma – the same cancer that killed singer Zhanna Friske. Woman one and a half years of fighting a disease, but alas, the miracle did not happen. Three months after his wife did not father Gosha Kutsenko Georgii Pavlovich. Gosha Kutsenko openly talking about cancer parents

“Dad got sick several years earlier mom, – said the actor. – He had a kidney removed, and we decided that he recovered. But after mom, dad re-checked, and found that it is permeated with metastasis…”

Gosha Kutsenko and five years later, the terrible experiences of care parents. “Sometimes I want to scream, but I try to smile, says Ghosh. – You know what my mom would tell me to stop the suffering”.

To relax after all the tragic stories in his life Gosha Kutsenko helped alcohol. “I do not deny that I have a drinking problem, but I’m learning to cope with them. Alcohol is the lubricant. It’s your habit. That there is a problem with alcohol understand, when the night without a drink can’t sleep and in the morning Wake up”.

According to Kutsenko to cope with the alcohol helping him ambitions and beloved wife Irina Skrinichenko. “Irina is a hard man. It just forbids me to drink. Given me a sample of fifteen years ago, I can say that she saved me,” says the actor.

A beautiful fashion model Gosha Kutsenko fell in love at first sight and literally conquered Irina, having beaten her boyfriend is Italian. She was the first woman who managed to withdraw to the Registrar of the shrew gosh.

“Irina made me to get married, says the actor. – We lived together, planned child, and she said I don’t want to do it without marriage. I said, get pregnant and get married. And she said, I don’t want to go to the Registrar with the stomach.”

Their official happiness for five years. The couple have a teenage daughter Zhenya, in which the happy father thinks the world of the soul. He managed to remove the baby in your clip. Ghosh admits that today he lives and works for his family, which will soon happen replenishment. Irina was pregnant, and the doctors say that this time the couple will be a boy. Gosha Kutsenko preparing to addition to the family