Russell Crowe drove the Azelia banks your party for the threat of murder

Рассел Кроу выгнал Азилию Бэнкс со своей вечеринки за угрозу убийства

In the night from 15 to 16 October in Beverly hills was organized a private party for the celebrities. There were invited many leaders of the entertainment industry, but most attention attracted Russell Crowe and azealia banks.

On his Twitter page, Azealia has shared details of what happened at the party for her controversial case – the host of the celebration, namely the crow, they say, grabbed her by the throat and pushed out the door with the words “nigger”. Banks says that Russell more and spat after her. “I didn’t sleep all night wrote Azealia. – In the room were men, and no one stood up for me. I feel awful.”

Are the eyewitnesses of the events that have not stood up for the banks, told reporters a different version.

Banks were not invited, but came together with rapper RZA (as “+1” on the guest list). The whole night she was acting not too adequately, snide remarks about others and spoil the party. For example, loudly criticized the choice of music and named Crowe and one of his friends “boring white men”.

Azealia even made threats against the owner of the event (PSRC), which sounded quite frightening: “And would you like it if I broke a glass, cut your throats and the blood would be poured, as in the films of Tarantino?

Russell, of course, nothing remained but to put the hospital door. Insults guests would not hear, but do not rule out that the actor expressed reparse any comments.