Dmitry Shepelev recreated the handwriting of Jeanne Friske in the book about her

Дмитрий Шепелев воссоздал почерк Жанны Фриске в книге о ней

In the near future will see the light of something so opposed to the family of Jeanne Friske.

TV presenter and showman Dmitry Shepelev will publish a book dedicated to his late common-law wife and mother of his only son Zhanna Friske.

The book will be called “Jeanne. Love and disease in the history of the life of Joan frisk”.

On the Internet appeared the cover of the future book. This black and white photo of the singer in which her handwriting was written her name.

It turns out that to recreate the handwriting of the deceased artist was entrusted to the experienced graphologist and he coped with his task.

We will remind, 33-year-old Shepelev published the book to just talk about how difficult it has been Friske during the struggle with the disease.

There is a place in the book of memories and the acquaintance of Dmitry with Jeanne and the development of their beautiful romance, which was watched by the whole country a few years ago.

“Bright life of the singer Zhanna Friske, filled with love and peace in one moment dashed diagnosed with cancer, turning the favorite of millions from a symbol of beauty in the patient, the health of which is closely followed by the whole world. To hurt hard. Ache under scrutiny is unbearable. This book is about the Russia’s first public, albeit involuntary, the experience of confronting the disease, the dignity and force with which the fragile Janna took a deadly battle. I very much hope that this book will be useful to those who are struggling or helping himself close. Will be able to support those who are desperate and, perhaps, inspire faith in the miracle of salvation. This book is about the test of the disease, about how it changes the rainbow and familiar world. About resistance. And, of course, is a love story, without which any battle would have little meaning,” wrote Shepelev.