Dana Borisova refused to black hair

Дана Борисова отказалась от черных волос

Blonde by nature and by heart, as it says about itself Dana Borisova, last week ventured on the experiment of girls with light hair color, Dana turned to the burning brunette.

After a couple of days spent in a new way, Borisova realized that made a mistake and decided to fix it, again returning to the image of the sexy blonde.

The decision to dye my hair back to blonde was influenced by her fans, which page in Instagram of Kim and began to scold his favorite for the error.

Indeed, if we compare two images of Borisova – light and dark the head is much more sweet and charming Dana seems blonde.

“I took into account all your wishes and, to be honest, according to all indicators the real blonde, so I do a wash and after a couple of hours again like before,” said Dana.