Роза Сябитова показала результат пластических операций
TV presenter admitted that getting over the years, only younger.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: @Instagram syabitova_roza Roses Sabitova

Rose Sabitova has admitted that he sought the help of plastic surgeons. Unlike many stars, she does not hide and proudly shows the results from the work done by scalpel work. So, the other day she decided to recall how it looked before the first manipulation of surgeons. In the microblog stars got the “before-after” which it clearly showed the result of the work of specialists.

“To get years younger-that is the true art of life” Ernst Thalmann. Looking at my pictures, I subscribe to this statement. And You?” signed photograph of the main matchmaker of the country.

The made for fans of the TV presenter a lasting impression. Indeed, many have already forgotten how it looked before the first Sabitova plastic surgery. Incidentally, most fans supported the presenter in her quest to look younger. In their opinion, there is nothing wrong with becoming more beautiful every day, even with the help of plastic surgeons.

Recall that the first operation Rose was a forced measure. After sudden weight loss, according to Sabitova, her Breasts have lost their shape. Therefore, Sabitova and decided to meet with cosmetic surgery, which later turned out to be extremely fruitful.

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