Шарлиз Терон отобрала работу у Джоли

Angelina was once again left with nothing, the actress has taken the role without explanation.

In Hollywood in full swing full swing work on the adaptation of the novel of Agatha Christie “murder on the Orient Express. The main female role it had to fulfill Angelina Jolie, but something went wrong…

Foreign media reported that the producers of the detective strip was never signed with the actress documents, although had been very long negotiations, but at the last moment it was decided on considering the other candidates.

Now the main contender for the work Jolie is Charlize Theron, she tipped the role in the film adaptation of the legendary novel.

Why the filmmakers dropped off angelina and decided to consider the actress a completely different type, remains a mystery, bad for Jolie and her fans.

Recall that this is not the first case when the actress take the job right from under his nose. Informed from the services of Angelina refused the producers of the film “Lara Croft”. In place of tomb raider they called 24-year-old Daisy Ridley, who played ray in the sensational blockbuster “Star wars: the force awakening”.

If it’s still possible to understand: Daisy is younger and perhaps more suited to the role only because of the physical data, with “the Orient Express” the strange story.

Jolie and Charlize both for 41 year (by the way, Theron’s birthday today!), that is, as if they are from the same category. And if the new Lara Croft is anything like the angelina, that Jolie and Theron is simply a heaven and earth. Why does a blonde prefer brunette?

Fans of Angie suspect that it’s all about the appearance and health of their beloved star. Apparently, looking at a gaunt 35-pound Jolie, the creators of the project decided to replace it with another, quite similar to her star, but in great shape and wholesome.

Angelina it is time to reflect on their behavior and menus. So after all the work in the movie will lose! However, Jolie now busy with several other things.

In the spring the actress said that will be teaching and lecturing at the London school of Economics. And the other day she said that will become more and lecturer at Georgetown University. Students Jolie plans to talk about the equality, freedom and rights of women.

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