Джейми Оливер стал папой в пятый раз!
In childbirth were permitted to attend the daughters of the famous telepower

Jamie Oliver with his wife and children

Photo: Instagram.com

The family of 41-year-old Jamie
Oliver replenishment: the wife of the author of many cookbooks and showman realized his cherished desire, she bore him
second son! The boy weighed at birth 3 kilos 630 grams and has been recognized by doctors
perfectly healthy. Jamie
announced that he and members of his family completely happy. “It still happened! It’s a boy!!! All
the members of our family indescribably happy!”

The fact that
Jamie and his wife Jules didn’t want to know until the birth gender of their future
child. Meanwhile, shortly before the arrival of his fifth child into the world
Oliver admitted that he dreams about another son: “to be Honest, add more
a little bit of testosterone in our family it would be quite nice. But of course, I
I will be happy anyway!”. Oliver’s desire is understandable. After all, he had grown up three daughters and an only son, and all he gave them unusual names. Senior — Poppy Honey
Rosie for 14 years, the average Daisy Boo Pamela – 13, petal blossom
Rainbow 7, a baby buddy Bear Maurice, while only five. As for the name of the newborn, in this respect, Oliver and his wife
yet to make your final choice.

As told to Jamie,
the birth went without complications. “Everything was
wonderful and went exactly according to plan!” — he wrote his page in the social network.
And added that at birth, the baby was attended by his eldest daughter. “We
allowed my two older girls to go to the house in the end, so that they
may witness the emergence of a brother into the world!” — he told Oliver. Interestingly, poppy and Daisy
were not just passive witnesses of an important event, parents trust them
the important task is to cut the cord

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