Дмитрий Хрусталев открыл для себя новый вид спорта
The presenter is proud of its success.

Dmitry Khrustalev

Photo: @Instagram dmitry_khrustalev Dmitry Khrustalev

Summer time is a great opportunity to try out
any water sport. Dmitry Khrustalev also judged and decided
to master the fashionable riding a wakeboard. The biggest plus was the fact that for training
this entertainment is not necessary to go abroad, domestic water
the spaces are perfectly suitable for this purpose. Immediately after riding the 37-year-old Dmitry told about
my impressions from acquaintance with the wakeboard.

“Hurrah! For the first time in my life! Discovered a new species
water fun! The truth almost immediately? Face burning, back aching, but
there is a clear feeling: for 120 years, I will be able to deal!” — shared Khrustalev.

Hurray!!! For the first time in my life!!! Discovered a new kind of water fun!!! However almost immediately is not closed!!! Face burning, back aching, but there is a clear feeling: for 120 years, I will be able to do a lot!)))

A video posted by Dmitry Khrustalev (@dmitry_khrustalev) on Aug 7, 2016 at 2:53pm PDT

In addition, the broadcaster has published a video that captured the first success of Dmitri. I must say that to stay on the water he began to turn fast enough. However, it is not surprising, since Khrustalev behind many years of “friendship” with the sport. From childhood he was engaged in ballroom dancing.

Incidentally, without holiday broadcaster this year left. Only held it until the beginning of the summer season. Back in may, Dmitry went on a trip to Europe with his mother. Khrustalev long wanted to show his most beloved woman in Paris. And now, finally, found the opportunity to please my mother.

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