Rose Sabitova feels a sense of guilt towards the deceased husband

Роза Сябитова испытывает чувство вины перед умершим мужем Teleshko continues to remember the first wife, who died in a heart attack over twenty years ago. In recognition of Rose Sabitova, she was an exemplary wife, but no love for her chosen. However, over time, the ratio of stars to the loved one has changed.

Once teleshko felt by the videographer, but the young man was very rude towards the significant other and lied to her expectations. Soon, the other ex-lover did future TV star offer. Without hesitation, rose agreed.

Her first husband, co-host of the program “let’s get married” became engineer Michael Sabitov, who later went into business. In this marriage of TV stars were born two children, Denis and Ksenia. Family happiness Rose and Michael was short – in 1993 a man died of a heart attack. Years after the tragic events of teleshko regret not giving enough love to his chosen one, and he, according to Sabitova really deserved it. In recognition of the celebrity, her wedding took place.

“I honestly said I didn’t love it. To which he replied: “Nothing. My love enough for two!” I figured that Michael to me is a good option. My marriage was of convenience, zamechena on intuition, I have this quality well developed. Judge for yourself, boy from a good family, an only child, parents are educated people, he has an apartment, car, cottage. But I go to the coat lining. I’m not stupid, I guess?” recalls the leading.

In recognition of the Rose, she was a wonderful wife, who tried to please my husband. But Michael lacked the love of the wife. Now, after more than twenty years since the departure of a loved one, Sabitova aware of their fundamental error. “It is now, I understand that family is important. But before everything was different. I must apologize to my husband,” shared the celebrity.

Recall that the second husband of Rose Sabitova became a fitness coach Yuri Andreev. Teleshko married the sportsman in 2008. The man took part in an episode of the TV show channel one “let’s get married!”. Divorce Sabitova and Andreev took place in 2011.

Currently known for leading focused on working and caring for children. In an interview with rose Sabitova said that it plans to spend its forces on man. Teleshko does not consider loneliness a problem that requires urgent solutions. According to Rose, she feels quite comfortable, being a free woman. In addition, Sabitova believes that love is a “complicated process” that requires certain prerequisites. About this star said during a conversation with the magazine’s correspondents “stars”.