Дима Билан выложил в Сеть эротичное фото The singer shared with the subscribers spicy frame. Dima Bilan was published in the microblog the photo, which depicted in some swimming shorts. Fans of the star immediately realized that the card was made a few years ago.

Dima Bilan is an active user of “Instagram”. However, members of the actor have noticed that he prefers not to upload explicit pictures. In his account can hardly be found intimate photos. This is probably because the man himself is trying to maintain a good reputation. Despite the attractive appearance and beautiful physical data, the star avoids the publications of an erotic nature. But on the eve of the artist’s profile appeared the frame where the idol of millions appeared half-naked.

“While going here I found a little erotica. Well, everybody on the beach of the Moscow reservoir on the watercraft with the wind?” – reads the caption to the post.

Fans were happy about this gesture of the pet. Of course, in the comments immediately showered with words of admiration and affection. Many followers of the singer decided that he, despite the cold weather, really going to conquer the local water bodies. But loyal fans of Bilan in a couple of seconds to realize that the photograph is taken from the archive of celebrities. They remembered the warmth of the early years of idol, and expressed full confidence that now he looks even more attractive.

“Your publication is direct by the way. Warms the heart. I remember I really liked this image. Immediately reminded of “the night hooligan”! It’s beautiful, in General!”, “Yes, I remember this photoshoot, it seems that only recently happened. By the way, how many years have passed since then?”, “Handsome what. But now it’s definitely better,” “he’s so skinny! Urgently to fatten!” – shared his emotions the users of the social network.

By the way, many members also noted that the figure of the artist has changed for the better. According to fans, the singer went on a weight gain and work on relief of muscle. Interestingly, in addition to physical perfection, a man does not forget to watch the beauty of the face and hair. He visits a salon, and also tries to follow the fashion. Recently the brunette lost his thick head of hair, completely shaving it. The action star came as a shock to his admirers, decided that the idol have been on chemotherapy. However, their fears proved groundless: the animated series changed the image for the filming of the clip. Dima Bilan lost hair