Супруг Ирены Понарошку тратит на нее миллионы The presenter told us about spending the vacation. Irena Ponaroshku together with your loved ones is on holiday in Vietnam. From there, the star published in Instagram posts, in which shares his impressions of the vacation.

Irena Ponaroshku is one of the most cheerful celebrities of Russian show-business. She often tells followers in the microblogging funny stories that happened to her or her loved ones. Besides, beauty does not forget to joke and laugh at myself.

Thus, recently a young woman posted a photo with the hot island of Fukuoka and added to it a long signature. In the post Irena admitted that they found many advantages in the journey to Vietnam. For example, she noted almost deserted beaches and restaurants. And “mysterious weather” that made the presenter a positive impression. In addition, Fake happy local prices. She said that here her husband is ready to give huge money to slake the desire of the beloved.

“If you want husband spend millions on you, then you here! Hundreds of thousands on taxis and dinners, and the balance on the card is almost not reduced!” – shared the enthusiasm of the presenter.

Fans of beauty understood and appreciated the joke of the favourite for the currency. Recall that in this country is the Vietnamese Dong, which is equal to less than half of the Russian penny. So Irena in an ironic form told about the economy of the state, where she and her faithful have been very pleased.

In addition to a small number of other tourists and spending cash, the star also did not leave indifferent local fruits green, oranges, watermelons and mangostine. The woman is trying to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps that is why the abundance of delicious fruits she had for everyone. Another celebrity was delighted with the local public transport system. She was amazed that taxi drivers come in for five minutes in any point of the island and not in use.

Note that at the beginning of the holiday Irena had not experienced positive emotions from the stay in the new country. Then she shared with subscribers of the confusion about the backwardness of the state. For example, the negative of beauties summoned animals that live in crowded places.

“First impressions of Vietnam mixed. Perhaps because I unconsciously compare the whole of Asia with your favorite Thailand. And here, it turns out, not so. Yeah, not so! All the much easier, much like we have in 93-m to year. But I try not to be discouraged. P. S. In the cafe of the airport on the floor ran, say, a chinchilla,” said Fake.