Rose Sabitova encouraged to marry girls of easy virtue

Роза Сябитова призвала жениться на девушках легкого поведения
The presenter is confident that the marriage can save the women a “difficult profession”.

Rose Sabitova

Rose Sabitova shocked followers of his microblog,
posting provocative post. In it, the presenter urges men to marry…
the women of easy virtue. According to the stars, marriage can save even a woman with a difficult fate, because there are many examples — both in literature and in real life.

“They say that the harlot (the common people — the fallen woman), —
also a woman, and therefore worthy, if not respect, then at least pity and
compassion, says rose. — I agree that any living creature with dignity
compassion, fallen, maybe twice. Even the Russian literary classics,
recognized around the world, called for. For example, this in their
wrote works of Leo Tolstoy or Fyodor Dostoevsky. And save these women
the same Katusha Maslova of “Resurrection” or Sonia Marmeladov of
“Crime and punishment” the most noble way — by marrying
the harlot. And if you think that this purely literary idea, and she found enthusiastic
supporters only in those days, you’re wrong. Among modern
men, meet noble individuals who (for various reasons),
ready to rescue the lost women. What it is, and what the consequences
such “heroism”?”

Rose invited a fan to discuss this issue at its
forum “Experience”. It is curious that such publication rose supplied with photograph
where she poses in the dress of women of easy virtue times Fedor