Pink admitted that her own daughter is ashamed of

Пинк призналась, что ее стесняется собственная дочка
The singer celebrated the birthday of willow.

Pink with daughter willow

Photo: Instagram

Pink half in jest admitted that
strongly do not understand modern children. Her own daughter told her that
shy, when my mom is walking her to kindergarten! The reason for the embarrassment of willow is
that Pink, the girl believes, uses “wild” makeup “actually looks like
as if pretending to be a pop star.”

The singer, who recently heard this
claims on willow, just speechless. “Yes, these are kids!” — commented on the history of Pink on his page in the social network. And
because willow has just celebrated its sixth birthday! However, the singer
trying to keep a sense of humor and not be offended by the daughter. Because she ranbshe
heard very critical comments from her daughter. So, when the girl was quite
little, she told his mother that she had “a terrible voice” and protested every
again, as she began to sing at home. But Pink, despite everything, loves
Willow, like her little brother
Jason, whom the singer gave birth in December last year.

On the occasion of my daughter, Pink, which, as
say her friends, bakes wonderful cakes and biscuits, personally prepared for
Willow layered cake. “Strawberry cake with cream and a magic fairy for my wonderful daughter!” — well signed
singer photo, which posted in a microblog. Pink and husband — Carrie HART added: “happy birthday to the biggest little
the queer on the planet!” And told me that he and his wife arranged for my daughter wonderful
the festival, which invited a whole gang of her friends.