Alika Smekhova for the first time for a long time breaks up with his youngest son

Алика Смехова впервые надолго расстается с младшим сыном
Makar will spend my summer holidays in the kids camp.

Alika Smekhova with her youngest son Makar

Photo: Instagram

Alika Smekhova first sends
in the camp his youngest son Makar. Nine-year-old boy expressed the desire
to spend part of their summer holidays in a children’s institution. By choosing a camp actress
came with all seriousness, thinking that the summer camp is not only a place
where you can relax, but also to gain new knowledge.

“The break has begun, says
star. — Maybe the summer will start soon? Makar has never been in the camp, and
really wants. I found the institution, where in addition to entertainment and recreation are
daily English classes with a native speaker. I have personally talked to
careful camp Director and I realized the camp for us!”

It should be noted that Alik,
despite strong employment at work, a very caring mother and always
know what’s going on in the lives of her sons. “I always know what the live
my children, with whom you communicate, where you go, keep abreast of, said
in an interview with star magazine “7 days”. — The older, Artem, broken age
difficult period: he occasionally unhappy mother. And he doesn’t like
increased attention to his person. Grumbles at me, stopped being affectionate, as
before. Junior, Makar, morning comes to me in the bedroom, with a smile said:
“Mother, dear mother…” and hugs me. He always notice if I changed
hairstyle, wear a new dress. And senior no, he’s at me now not paying attention.
I understand that it costs a transitional age. I think everything will fall into
places. Artem endlessly listens to club music all the time with headphones. I have these
“opus” did not understand, but realize that at this stage of his life
and suffer. He recently decided to record my single, and I certainly supported him,
organized Studio. By the way, I was told that my son has perfect data, and
the song he wrote could be a hit! So let him try… the Kids
themselves to choose their path in life. Artem is currently going in the 11th grade, and
he still has a year left. Maybe he’ll choose a faculty of international Economics.
Maybe creative University…”

While Alika says that she
a very strict mother. “I have two boys and I and mom and dad. Here
gotta keep them in tight rein. Besides, I’m a supporter of a clear mode of the day
and all of life is a good organizer: still consider, control,” says