Romanet has revealed intimate details of the relationship Gusev

Романец раскрыла интимные подробности отношений с Гусевым The beauty shared a racy image, which you can see her lover. In the photo you published of Victoria, Anton Gusev tries for your favorite. Apparently, Victoria really happy in a relationship with a young man.

      Романец раскрыла интимные подробности отношений с Гусевым

      On Friday Anton Gusev divorced Eugenia Feofilaktova and officially became a free man. Despite this, some fans of one of the most popular pairs of “House-2” still can’t believe the things that stars telestroke dispersed. However, Anton and Eugenia finally parted. At the moment, Gusev is in a relationship with Victoria romanet. Apparently, the lovers sincerely happy to be with each other. Recently Victoria shared a racy photograph of its choice.

      Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev divorce live

      “Today’s juice was made with love,” – shared the girl.
      Романец раскрыла интимные подробности отношений с Гусевым

      Followers of Victoria was divided into two camps. Part of the beauty followers congratulated her with a new relationship and wished happiness and love. “Uh, class, I want to kiss”, “Oh, Vic! Still the same thing”, “I’m happy for you”, “Best”, “that’s Right, your soulmate have to love”, “Very cool! A man in business,” “He still knows how to cook”, “You look great together”, “What is SARS”, “Well, you give,” they discussed. At the same time, another part social media users have accused Victoria that she took Guseva from the family. According to some commentators, happiness love peace.

      Photo of Anton in the kitchen was not the first who decided to share the burning brunette. Not so long ago, she laid out a joint picture with her lover, taken at the wedding of model Aleksandra Kabaeva. Victoria made no secret of his admiration for the young man all evening they departed not from each other. She also turned off comments for publication, so as not to cause heated discussions among followers.

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      “It looks like the best man, happy woman and a Hollywood smile,” he told the girl.

      Earlier romanet has given interview in which has told that is not the cause of divorce Gusev and Feofilaktova. The last two months of the stars “House-2” did not live together.

      That Anton and Evgeny split up, it became known in late November. “We no longer live together with Anton. We broke up. But we did not write and did not speak, because they wanted to survive this difficult period of calm, without gloating comments and unwanted advice. Now it’s been enough time, so we decided that more will not deceive you,” – shared Feofilaktova in social networks.