Vitas will leave the father with no gifts

Витас оставит отца без подарков Singer does not believe that the relative need gifts from him. From Vitas and his father had a very complicated relationship. However, according to the artist, it suits all, and he sees no problems.

      Singer Vitas does not communicate with his father for several years. A relative of the artist Vladas lives in Odessa. Dad stars never saw the younger grandson Maxim. In the program “Let them talk” the musician promised to meet Vladas in the New year. “We love you, waiting. A huge thank you for what you have supported me in childhood as they could”, – said Vitas during transmission.

      Some time later, after the broadcast, the contractor confirmed that he is planning to reunite with a relative on a holiday. However, Vitas is not planning to give any gifts to Vladas.

      “And why is him some gifts?! Don’t see the point,” said the artist.

      The singer stopped close contact with his father after his mother’s death in 2001, and after retiring from the life of his grandfather Arkadiy Davydovich father and son is interrupted the communication. Apparently, Vitas was close to deceased relatives. The contractor fits the entire situation very philosophically. He doesn’t want to look back.

      “The past is gone, the future does not look, we are on the verge of what does not exist… what About a clean sheet of paper we’re talking about! I don’t think you can start with it… There is only emptiness. No not me, not you… the Emptiness…” – says the singer.

      Vitas did not believe that he should apologize to dad for not communicated with him for about three years. Recall that the singer was touched by a letter from the Vladas received through the social network. “Hello, son. Decided to write to you while alive…Man is mortal… the Main thing is suddenly mortal. I was at that age that it can happen at any time. The conversations we have with you as something does not add up… When I go to the other world, you do not need any expensive monuments, the life I was heavy and humble…. And in recent years, after the death of Lily, and all became heavy and a modest…”, asked the man to its most famous son.

      The actor claims that he thinks about his father every day. “In my repertoire there are songs dedicated to mom and dad,” confirmed Vitas