Юлианна Караулова выходит замуж The singer received a proposal of marriage. Yulianna Karaulova is preparing for her wedding with her partner Andrew Black. The actress was pleasantly surprised to find that the beloved has decided to take this serious step in their relationship.

      Ex-participant of “factory of stars” Yulianna Karaulova ready for serious changes in life. Her beloved Andrew Black made her an offer of marriage in a romantic setting. Julianna was skating, suddenly her choice fell in front of her on one knee and held out an engagement ring. Friends who were with the girl at this point, did not hide his enthusiasm and congratulated the couple with a serious step in their lives.

      Karaulova and Black hastened to share in the Network. They published the picture, which was sealed with a genuinely surprise the singer from such a man. Fans were happy for the couple and now looking forward to the wedding.

      “Julianna, I congratulate you, wish you have a nice family life, may you live long and happily, and a lot kids”, “Congratulations! Happiness, understanding and infinite love!”, “So happy for you two, been waiting for this moment. Happiness, understanding and love!”, “Hurrah! Honestly, even a little can not believe, but I congratulate you and wish happiness, of course, love and lots of tough moments in my life! Love it!” – posted by fans of the artist.

      Not so long ago Karaulova admitted that secretly wants to try on a wedding dress and go down the aisle with your loved one. However, she understands that a wedding is a big responsibility. The singer is happy that Andrew is working in the same field as her. Black understands the specifics of his lady, and therefore not wanting to make a scene. However, the “StarHit” the actress admitted that sometimes he expresses his displeasure.

      Yulianna Karaulova: “group “5sta Family” I was leaving with bitterness”

      “Of course, for men it is natural that he is jealous. But he’s adequate jealousy, he doesn’t make scandals. But I there too do not give! There are fans that would globally violate the comfort zone and personal space, but until the fighting did not reach,” said Julianna.