Kindness will save the world: Katy Perry and Orlando bloom at the children’s hospital

Доброта спасет мир: Кэти Перри и Орландо Блум в детской больнице

Artists dressed in Santa Claus and throw a party for the young patients.

The news that 39-year-old Orlando bloom and the 32-year-old Katy Perry are getting married, still not officially confirmed. Celebrities do not want to comment on their relationship. But I guess now we know that these two artists have something in common: they have spent several years a lot of effort to give charity. A few days before Christmas, we agreed together to congratulate the children in a hospital in Los Angeles.

And celebrity came to this mission with all responsibility: all dressed up in Santa Claus and gave the kids a show with jokes and gifts. On the official page of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has already appeared pictures from the festival, which in a few hours got a lot of likes and comments.

“How nice to see such moments. Moral principles above all else. Endless gratitude, Especially nice when famous people do these good works,” “A Christmas gift kids will remember forever,” commented snapshots of the Internet users.

By the way, the staff really was very sweet and touching. Looking at them, there is no doubt that bloom and Perry are very fond of children.

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