Roller coaster: Shia LaBeouf and MIA Goth engaged

Американские горки: Шайя ЛаБаф и Миа Гот помолвлены

The star of the erotic drama by Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” and one of the most eccentric star couples, actors, Shia LaBeouf and MIA Goth are going to get married.

Американские горки: Шайя ЛаБаф и Миа Гот помолвлены

Roman 29-year-old Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf) and 23-year-old MIA Goth (Mia Goth) cannot be called a classic love story. They met on the set of the tape of Lars von Trier (Lars von Trier) Nymphomaniac (Nymphomaniac) in 2012, where they had a few joint of erotic scenes. At the time, LaBeouf was Dating stylist karolyn Pho (Caroline Fo), but left her for MIA Goth.

The pair parted several times, and in November 2014, Shia LaBeouf said in an interview with Dazed that one of the visitors of his installations I Am Sorry, during which the actor sat with a paper bag over his head, while the guests could sit silently opposite, I raped him.

“At this time the queue was my girlfriend. It was Valentine’s Day, and I have lived five days in the gallery, so we have not seen and did not communicate. She came in and demanded an explanation, and I couldn speak so we both sat in silence. It was painful,” said LaBeouf. In the summer of 2015 in Tubingen, Germany, actors publicly quarreled and even fought. And in October 2015 again took a one month break in relations.

Rumors about the engagement Goth and Lubava we go with March 2015. That’s when 23-year-old actress first appeared with the ring on the ring finger.

The magazine US Weekly learned from friends Labate that while shopping in the store have replaced gelson actor told one of the sellers about the engagement. Also during the experiment, during which the Shia LaBeouf spent 24 hours in the Elevator of the debate club of the Oxford Union, he called MIA Goth as his bride.

Representatives of the actors have not yet confirmed the news about the engagement.

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