Дрю Бэрримор рассекретила странное прозвище Камерон Диас

They say that friends are like toys for the Christmas tree: the old, the more expensive. Here and Hollywood actress drew Barrymore, who was in the film almost all his life, told about an old friendship with a colleague Cameron Diaz and even has declassified its nickname.
Drew will appear on the cover of the April edition of Marie Claire, interview, and told all the girls ‘ secrets. By the way, the interview she took a sister of the spouse of the actress will Kopelman Jill Kargman.

Дрю Бэрримор рассекретила странное прозвище Камерон Диас
It turns out that many years already Barrymore Diaz calls not only as “Poo Poo” (Poo Poo).
“I’ve never felt comfortable in the company of celebrities. Poo Poo (Cameron Diaz) I know for many years. We met when I was fourteen. This happened before she became a famous actress, and I was working in a coffee shop, trying to lead a normal life. We very quickly became friends, it just sort of happened. I found a kindred spirit in her,” said Barrymore.

Why has Cameron got such a strange nickname, drew doesn’t tell, but this is not the first time she calls his girlfriend. For the first time this strange nickname has appeared in memoir Barrymore “Wildflower”, which was released last year.
The actress became closer during the filming of “Charlie’s Angels” in 2003, and in January 2015, when Cameron married Benji Madden, Barrymore was a bridesmaid. Celebrity anyone and will never allow to hurt their loved ones, and therefore, when in July 2014 during the radio program the Kyle & Jackie guest ester Cameron Diaz was questioned about his former drug addiction her friend, the actress retorted and left the station.

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