Actor “Streets of broken lights” was arrested for failure to pay child support

Актера «Улицы разбитых фонарей» задержали за неуплату алиментов Evgeny Chupina was a criminal case. The actor is considered a deadbeat. Soon it will give police in St. Petersburg, where the artist resides.

      Актера «Улицы разбитых фонарей» задержали за неуплату алиментов

      For many celebrities the question of child support is very serious. For various reasons, the stars try to evade the payment of money to their children. As a rule, financial problem is solved is not easy – someone goes to court to seek redress, and someone just calls out to the conscience of the irresponsible parent. Often the process is delayed for a long time.

      The famous actor Yevgeny Chupin considered to be a malicious defaulter of the alimony. Despite the fact that the star of the series “Streets of broken lights” lives in St. Petersburg, employees of internal Affairs sent the request to their colleagues from the capital. The day before he was detained by police in Moscow.

      “Eugene Chupina in 2012 a criminal case for malicious evasion from payment of means for the maintenance of children. The day before he was detained by patrol-sentry duty on the street Lavochkin”, — reported in law enforcement. But how much Eugene is obliged to pay, not stipulate.

      Interestingly, the debate about the alimony between former lovers is common. For example, still does not abate the scandal between the famous football player Andrey Arshavin and his ex-lover Julia Baranovskaya. Now TV presenter herself raising three heirs, who were born in a civil marriage with the athlete. As it became known, a famous footballer Yulia needs about seven and a half million rubles. Former common-law wife is still waiting for the payment of money, who were detained in connection with the termination of Andrew. Recently it became known that Arshavin was invited to play for the Kazakhstan football club, and therefore he will be able to give the money belonging to his three heirs. But Baranovskaya outraged not so much that the father is paying a lot of own children financial as the fact that he is not interested in their life.

      But, unlike Chupina, Andrei Arshavin criminal case opened was not. According to LifeNews, the 39-year-old actor was questioned at the police Department on Golovinsky to area. And soon it will give to employees of bodies of internal Affairs of St. Petersburg. Recall that Yevgeny Chupin became known for role in TV series “Streets of broken lamps”, “Gangster Petersburg” and others.

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