Robert Redford ends up acting career

Роберт Редфорт заканчивает актёрскую карьеру

Hollywood legend and Sundance founder Robert Redfort ends up acting career, and plans to focus on directing the activities.

For the first time Robert has appeared on screen in the televised 1960 and two years later he directed his first film. He’s now planning to do only directing activities.
“I still have two film project as soon as I finish, I will officially say good-bye to acting and focus on directing,” said 80-year-old Redford.
The tape, which says Robert is “Our Souls At Night”, a romantic drama from Netflix, where his partner on the set was Jane Fonda, and the Comedy “Old Man With A Gun”, where Redgorton played by Casey Affleck and sissy Spacek.
“I’m tired of acting. I an anxious person, I find it hard to sit and wait to be asked back to play,” he said.
Most notable in his career, Robert became involved in the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid”, “Capitn America: the Winter soldier”, “All the President’s men”, “Indecent proposal” and others.
In 1980, Redford received an Oscar for best Director, presenting the film “Ordinary People”, and in 1978 co-founded the prestigious Sundance festival now.