Marion Cotillard talked about sex scene with pitt

Марион Котийяр рассказала о постельных сценах с Питтом

French actress Marion Cotillard, which is suspected in the novel with a partner on the film “Allies” Brad pittspoke about how he filmed sex scenes. Now Brad, recovering from the shock associated with a divorce, travels the United States with the promotional tour of the new film. He and Marion talk to journalists only about the work, however, reporters managed to touch on touchy subjects.

So, during the press conference that the actors gave in Los Angeles, Cotillard, which, incidentally, is expecting her second child, told what pitt in bed.
“It was fun to do, and because it was not easy. We laughed, and it was necessary to make it more believable. It was weird. We looked at each other and kept saying how it’s weird. Then we discussed how things should be done technically. So I had to be on it, and then we kiss.. We worked a sex scene, like a dance, just memorized moves and repeated them in front of the camera. This was the only way to achieve realism and to simplify everything” said Marion.
We will remind that on September 19, the wife of Brad Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce. One of the reasons, as then reported by the media, was the alleged affair with pitt, Marion Cotillard, erupted during the filming of “Allies”. While many saw this as the “law of the boomerang” — once on the set, Jolie had an affair with a married Jennifer aniston Brad and stole him from his family.
Later, tired of the rumors, Marion had to deny them publicly, especially since she is expecting her second child from her civil husband Guillaume Canet.