Masha Rasputina gave the first 20 years of the concert

Маша Распутина дала первый за 20 лет концерт

Popular Russian singer Masha Rasputina sensationally returned to the stage, giving the first Grand concert for the last 20 years. But habitually hooligan and brawler appeared very different before the public, much to the surprise of those present in the hall. The actress from the stage reflected on their relationship with the Lord and fight against the terrorist group ISIS.

Between songs Rasputin called on to defeat “the enemy of the Russian land”, together the “hearts and minds”.
“All of our aspirations should be directed towards heaven. We must love God, because God is love. There the eternity begins. And here is only a trial period. One of us is and how spiritually enriched in this life, with the baggage, and brought to Christ” — said the singer.
The audience greeted the old songs Masha with delight. It was noticeable that over the years they have missed it. Was happy and Rasputin.
“I’m so glad that today, in these troubled days could afford to meet with you. Thank you though you love me. And no one else!” she said hall.
During the concert, Mary asked the staff of the concert hall if they have guns, but they replied in the negative.
“The money is now in the state there, so cannons for the stars is also not purchased. God forbid that the guns were there at the front to beat ISIL,” said Rasputin.