Ksenia Sobchak told about the preparation for childbirth

Ксения Собчак рассказала о подготовке к родам Leading and her partner are in anticipation of the joyous event, very soon their family will happen replenishment. An interesting provision does not prevent the Xenia to exercise every day. The woman not only attends swimming pool, but also practicing a handstand.

      Very soon in the family of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and her husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, there will be a replenishment. The woman who is now in her last month of pregnancy, will become a mother for the first time. Ksenia has already started to prepare for this joyful event. According to the presenter, she tries not to throw sports and every day load themselves with sports. Such studies, says the star, does not dangerous to the health of pregnant women. Sobchak not only swims in the pool, but also does yoga.

      “Every day for an hour exercise and while my schedule is not going to change. Of course, before it was and two, and three hours — but less is better than nothing. By the way, I advise everyone to do the same. It’s definitely not hurting the state — unless, of course, all be done properly, without fanaticism. Yes, I regularly stand on my head — literally. This is yoga, I have many years of her practice,” – said Sobchak reporters.

      However, from your favorite Pilates Ksenia had to give up. This system of exercise involves too great a strain on the muscles. Leading decided to play it safe, so I’ve thrown these exercises. However, a few months after the birth of a child Sobchak will return to Pilates to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

      By the way, this weekend Sobchak decided to spend the. Leading and her husband Maxim Vitorgan and children of the actor from his first marriage decided to have a rest from the bustle of the city and made some nice photos of nature. “Happiness is, it can not be”, – wrote Ksenia on Instagram. Let’s remind, that Xenia and the heirs of her husband’s great get along with each other. So, in one of his interviews Pauline Vitorgan said that he respects her father and tries to follow her example.

      The daughter takes the example Vitorgan Sobchak

      By the way, most recently, Maxim Vitorgan, tired of the attention of journalists to an interesting position Xenia, joked on the subject of her birth. First, the actor wrote in his microblog that she was the mother of the girl, and then told reporters about the birth of a boy, whom they named Anton. Itself Ksenia humorously refers to the numerous rumors and gossip about yourself. “As you can see, I’m still pregnant,” said, smiling, Sobchak correspondent of “the Amur truth”.