Leonardo DiCaprio was interested in the series about the American pioneer

Леонардо ДиКаприо заинтересовался сериалом об американских первопоселенцах

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio often takes part in the filming of the project, designed for a broad audience. Recently, the Oscar winner presented the movie though was filmed in La and all, but still, not everyone was as interesting as, for example, “the Wolf of wall street”. We are talking about the documentary project, “Before the flood”, which tells about the climate of our planet, its environmental condition, and the danger that brings for global warming.


Now Leonardo plunged into the world of the story. DiCaprio has expressed a desire to become a producer of historical series “the Pioneers”, which we will talk about the first residents of the modern United States.

Planned to remove the 8 series where you will learn about the first 75 years of history from the history of post-revolutionary American colonies on the basis of the facts from the biography of such folk heroes of the United States, as Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson and others.

How did you learn to journalists, the series creators intend to show the main “formative aspects of the American nation.”
When work begins on the project, not specified.