Robert De Niro called the Donald trump pig

Роберт Де Ниро назвал Дональда Трампа свиньей

The campaign for a new US President this time, unlike the previous, was more of a show than a serious political event determining the future of the country.

The main struggle almost from the very beginning was conducted mainly between Hillary Clinton and Donald trump.

To keep your opponent out of balance candidates resorted to different methods. So, for example, trump talked about the age and poor health of his opponent, Clinton behaved with more dignity, just pointing out the lack of experience in politics Donald.

Many celebrities supported the United Halleri. No exception Robert De Niro.

The star of “the Godfather” said that he had a dislike of the candidate in US presidents from Republican ruin Donald Trump and even allowed himself a personal insult: “He’s terribly stupid. He is a pig. He us absolutely do not care. I’m ashamed that our country had sunk. He says he wants to beat people. So, I’d love to punch him in the face”