The FBI refused to have pitt and Jolie had an affair with a billionaire

ФБР отказалось заниматься Питтом, а Джоли закрутила роман с миллиардером

Attempt of Angelina Jolie to take the children from brad pitt with his accusations of drunkenness, use of soft drugs and the assault proved futile. Investigating this case the FBI came to the conclusion that the divorce of the pair does not carry any criminal component.

As the representative of the Federal Bureau of investigation, they gathered all the facts, but the criminal offense brad pitt was found.

Earlier also it was reported that brad pitt passed the tests to prove that on the day of the conflict in his blood was alcohol and drugs. While Angelina Jolie said that is not going to cooperate with law enforcement.

By the way, last weekend, new facts become known, in relation to the divorce of the couple. Insiders told the press that the real reason for the dissolution of the marriage were not many of pitt’s infidelity, but an infidelity Jolie. It is reported that the actress has an affair with a billionaire, who sponsored her charity missions to third world countries.

We will remind, till October 20, the right to full custody of the children got Jolie. Soon, however, the situation can quite change.