Heidi Klum all saints ‘ Day will become the wife of Kanye West

Хайди Клум в День всех святых станет женой Канье Уэста

The worst and most mystical night of the year is approaching with each passing day. Despite the fact that Halloween is less than three weeks, many have already started preparing for this event. Western celebrities are no exception. One of the best in reincarnation for Halloween can be considered as Heidi Klum. The supermodel is always very carefully chooses the manner that after the all saints Day long discussion.

Heidi was already reincarnated into a human without skin and distressed version of itself. Now, Klum is going to try the image one of the most discussed persons secular parties.

The name of the person whose image examples are Heidi, she’s not named, but fans immediately came to the conclusion that on Halloween, Klum will walk with a bouncy booty like Kim Kardashian. Actually the star of the reality show she and change.

We can’t wait to see Heidi in a new guise. As you think, whether the model in exactly the same appearance Kardashian?