Rita Dakota horrified by the truth about the “cheating” Vlad Sokolovsky

Рита Дакота ужаснула правдой об «изменах» Влада Соколовского The singer and composer became acquainted with the rumors that spread in social networks, and hastened to shed light on the alleged infidelity of the spouse. According to Rita Dakota, gossip spreads like a mentally ill person from its environment.
Рита Дакота ужаснула правдой об «изменах» Влада Соколовского

Some time ago, the Network has spread rumors that Vlad Sokolovsky changes Rita Dakota. Surprise admirers pairs, there was no limit, because of their family seemed ideal. And not so long ago young people became parents for the first time – they have a lovely daughter MIA. Rita took note of the information, publicized, and decided to shed light on the speculation of the public.

According to Dakota, the rumors about cheating Sokolowski untrue. Rita said that extends them mentally ill person – the wife of the best friend of childhood, which, in turn, is the son of a good friend of her mother. The woman works as a housekeeper at a Sokolovskiy and Dakota.

“I don’t know the exact diagnosis, but there is some form of schizophrenia. At first it was napisyval me in all social networks that I should be friends with her. Then he began to talk hurt and evil in the key of “for the sake of your childhood friendship with my husband you have to add me and reply to my texts or you’ll be sorry”, and when I blocked it, then it started not very funny things: it began to threaten, really,” said Rita.

Offended by the Dakota, the girl began to invent her on the news and circulated on the Internet. Dealing with haters, she was presented by friend Rita and Vlad and in proof of his words showed photographs from his personal archives.

“At first people were spreading rumors that I’m sleeping with my Manager (my best friend and a human locomotive of my project) and when I got pregnant, went to a new feature – “Vlad changes”, – said the singer.

Rita Dakota decided not to leave such gossip without attention turned to the experts to find out who is their author. “Zamorachivat, we have full evidence that she is (thanks to our pros, they expose cybercrime)”, – said the artist. According to Rita, she was tired from such a “compromising” regularly pop up in the Network. Why Dakota would want to punish the author of the rumors, but the singer is upset that this will affect close friends of her family.

“By law we can easily submit it to the court, and we, of course, winning it. And “moral damage” for trying to besmirch and Sully the reputation of in fact pay will not be she is unemployed and sick little girl, and my friend and my aunt. They cry and shrug: shut it, neither the husband nor mother-in-law. The sick, the vicious circle,” shared Rita.

Dakota asked the fans how to do it in this case – continue to tolerate the behavior of the abnormal person or to punish him. Most followers of the actress have come to the conclusion that Rita should not tolerate such attitude. Fans of the young women also wrote that he was shocked by her story. “History recalls the film “Ingrid goes West”, “If nothing is done, it will never stop,” “Maybe we should send her for treatment?», «Tinplate. And what is she doing?”, “People sorry. She needs therapy,” – commented on the Internet.