The star of the movie “White dew” Gennady Garbuk died at age 83

Звезда фильма «Белые росы» Геннадий Гарбук умер в 83 года The cause of death of the artist is not yet established. Gennady Garbuk played in more than 70 films. Tomorrow, February 9, will take place civil funeral. To bid farewell to the artist will come his many colleagues and admirers.
Звезда фильма «Белые росы» Геннадий Гарбук умер в 83 года

Today it became known about death of the actor Gennady Garbuk. Belarusian artist was 83 years old. For many years he performed on the stage of National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala in Minsk. The audience he was known for work in films “White dews”, “Flame”, he also appeared in the TV series “Mukhtar. New trail”, which was released in 2017. While the cause of death of the artist is not misleading. Tomorrow, February 9, there will be a farewell to people’s artist of Belarus.

“National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala reports with great regret that on February 7, departed this life our distinguished colleague, people’s artist of Belarus Gennady Mikhailovich Garbuk. We are now hard to accept and comprehend this loss, and to find words that could Express our deep regret – as colleagues and friends” – a message appeared on the website of the theatre.

Fans can’t believe the artist’s death. As it became known, Gennady Garbuk buried in the “Avenue of stars” East of the cemetery.

The actor admitted that very much loves the movie “White dew”. He believed that this painting will never age and will be interesting to many generations. In his opinion, many jobs have a “time stamp”. However, he refused to play in the continuation of the cult film, as was very skeptical about its appearance on the screen. At the time, Gennady Mikhailovich was preparing for surgery on the knee joints. He had a long rehabilitation. The actor admitted that every day he crossed the three thousand steps. Harbuck told me that throughout life I played sports.

The star of the movie “White dew” was very respectful of the acting profession. He noticed every detail that it seemed wrong. Gennady Mikhailovich did not like the modern tendency of male colleagues to go on stage without makeup. He believed that it is disrespectful to the audience.