Aleksandr Galibin explained why not communicate with her daughter

Александр Галибин объяснил, почему не общался с дочерью Maria took the painful divorce of his parents. Aleksandr Galibin is not pressed in daughter and hoped that with time she will understand and forgive him. Now the actor and the heir to maintain good relations.
Александр Галибин объяснил, почему не общался с дочерью

Actor Alexander Galibin became famous after the role of “Pasha-American” in the film “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya”. Popularity brought him the image of the Master in the film adaptation of the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”, which was released in 2005.

Former presenter of the program “Wait for me” was married three times. With the first wife, he lived for almost 14 years. Olga Nagruzkoi they studied on the same course. Alexander decided to marry when he was 19. Played a major role mom and dad – due to the fact that they worked a lot early Galibin became an independent man, and therefore he was not afraid of responsibility before future family.

“It was important for me to get away from parents and start their lives. Of course, marriage imposes a lot of responsibilities,” – said the actor.

Married to Olga a daughter, Masha. She was difficult to accept the decision of parents to divorce. For a while she stopped seeing my father.

“There was a time we did not communicate. I thought I should take time to Masha figured out what happened between two consenting adults” – says the artist.
Александр Галибин объяснил, почему не общался с дочерью

Alexander was not easy to accept the position of his daughter. However, he does not condemn her and not hold a grudge. Now girls have their own family. She was able to establish a relationship with the father.

At the time of the divorce, Alexander does not see the possibility to save the relationship. He admitted that he was trying to do a lot for the family. Later, the artist met a girl who was his senior by nine years. She had three children. “I really gave a lot in life, discovered the world we traveled a lot, talked to lots of people, quite interesting and well-lived,” admitted Galibin.

Александр Галибин объяснил, почему не общался с дочерью

They lived together for five years. And then he met Irina and fell in love at first sight. Despite the fact that she was married, Alexander began courting her. The choice of the actor admitted that her relationship with her husband has outlived its usefulness.

“When I met Sasha, we have nothing to say, except art. We met, I realized that there are other relations”, – said Irina.

In marriage they had a daughter Ksenia, and four years ago had a son Vasily.Aleksandr Galibin made repairs for his young wife in the bedroom